STwhiteDay: Yup Cya mate!!
joe2: take care!
joe2: hey man, i need to go but cheers for the bike and the rifle. ill see you next time!
STwhiteDay: no lever lol
STwhiteDay: what
STwhiteDay: Maybe? =))
joe2: well i can say by the time you've graduated you'll be completely fluent haha
STwhiteDay: Yeah cause I'm not graduated high school yet
joe2: your English is really good :P
STwhiteDay: yes
STwhiteDay: hah :)
joe2: you're korean?
joe2: hahah dead giveaway right? :P
STwhiteDay: cause ur English was perfaect
joe2: how come?
STwhiteDay: I absoulutely felt u not Japanese
STwhiteDay: In fact
STwhiteDay: yup!!
joe2: thanks man!
STwhiteDay: check the bike's inside too man :)
STwhiteDay: Yup :))
STwhiteDay: nah just cruise here
joe2: thank you man, see you next time!
STwhiteDay: Enjoy the game with the bike!
joe2: you logging off?
STwhiteDay: Now I'm leaving
STwhiteDay: Dunno about that but he usually played with me
joe2: cool. he teach English?
STwhiteDay: He live in Japan too
STwhiteDay: ah cool man I have Brazillian friend
joe2: i just live in japan hahah
STwhiteDay: How ur ping
joe2: im English :O
STwhiteDay: lol
STwhiteDay: wut
joe2: im not asian :O
joe2: i have a secret...
joe2: :D
STwhiteDay: asian friends :))
STwhiteDay: Cause we are all one :)
joe2: nice hero skin dude :D
STwhiteDay: yup
joe2: thanks man!
STwhiteDay: can take it
joe2: :D
STwhiteDay: now all for u
joe2: :D
joe2: yo!
joe2: yeah
STwhiteDay: u see me?
STwhiteDay: lumbermil
STwhiteDay: at mainroad
STwhiteDay: at east side
STwhiteDay: nah our base
joe2: NEAF?
STwhiteDay: i'll check the east base
joe2: yeah, totally fucked
STwhiteDay: ah fucked...
joe2: all 4 man
STwhiteDay: how many wheels do u need to repair that Pickup?
STwhiteDay: 2 k left
joe2: yah im at the lumber mill
STwhiteDay: u still at there?
STwhiteDay: on thhe way to u
STwhiteDay: refueling done
joe2: haha, im not intending to meet any :P
STwhiteDay: space? lol *face
STwhiteDay: but it will be good when u space some bandits
STwhiteDay: I'm not a fighting guy too
STwhiteDay: Now I'm refueling the bike and will cruise near here
joe2: tbh only really need military weapons when fighting players, but seeing as i never see any players i just use my mosin and pistol for zombies :D
STwhiteDay: ahh okay man =(
joe2: stash it away in your base man
STwhiteDay: It takes too many spaces at my backpack
STwhiteDay: u can take it
STwhiteDay: nah I don;t need it now I have many sniper rifles at our base
joe2: nah its okay, i have a scoped mosin i've been using for a long time
STwhiteDay: u want it?
STwhiteDay: m24
joe2: cool, what gun is it?
STwhiteDay: I will give it to u too
STwhiteDay: oh I have sniper gun at backpack
joe2: kind of sad, that there's more content in the mod than there is in the actual full priced game
joe2: yeah, its really disappointing
STwhiteDay: I only played 65 mins
STwhiteDay: yeah that is such a dick game
joe2: have you played the dayZ standalone?
joe2: sweet. cheers man
STwhiteDay: I'll give my bike to u after finish my work
STwhiteDay: oh u not far from me
joe2: yeah, near the lumber mill
STwhiteDay: u at Berezino now then?
STwhiteDay: I have another base at east but it doesn;t have some wheels only 2 cars at there
joe2: over the past year, every time i logged on i ran from NEAF, to berezino to check for antibiotics, then ran back up to NEAF and logged out
joe2: not that far, only a brisk ten minute walk haha
STwhiteDay: from my base
STwhiteDay: ah it's too far from here
joe2: yeah
STwhiteDay: Wait Berezino?
joe2: you got some wheels?
STwhiteDay: I can help u if u want
joe2: well i was planning to but i've been looking for whees since january lol
STwhiteDay: ?
STwhiteDay: you gonna take that/
STwhiteDay: wow shit
joe2: yeahw
STwhiteDay: 40kal
STwhiteDay: Hilux pickup with Heavy machinegun?
STwhiteDay: oh shit jerrycan finally
joe2: there's a technical with a mounted machine gun outside the hospital at berezino, but all the wheels are gone
joe2: found a few, but they're all fucked
joe2: cant seem to find them anywhere, checked all of the industrial buildings in the northeast dozens of times
STwhiteDay: You found some car?
joe2: ive been searching for wheels for AAAAAAAGE
joe2: true
STwhiteDay: But epoch is just buying lol
STwhiteDay: yeah if we want to get some gear we have to loot, raid or kill someone.
joe2: thats why i always come back to vanilla, more challenge
joe2: yeah, it does make it a bit too easy to be honest haha
STwhiteDay: that;s not fun man :(
joe2: only vanilla too? have you tried epoch? there's a lot more content. traders, ai missions and stuff
STwhiteDay: I'm playing this game for 6years lol
STwhiteDay: I counted
STwhiteDay: I only play vanila :)
joe2: are they vanilla servers or epoch/overpoch servers?
STwhiteDay: the Korean server like... Dokdo and Busan server was popular
STwhiteDay: I usually played on Korean server and US3480
joe2: now... not so much haha
joe2: i've been playing dayzmod since it first came out. was in university at the time, lots of free time for gaming
STwhiteDay: And me too
STwhiteDay: all PUBG right :)
STwhiteDay: I'm playing this game for a 4 years and I think Korea have most players at east asia
joe2: but now everyones playing PUBG? :P
STwhiteDay: it was really popular
joe2: thats cool, i didnt know dayz was popular in korea
STwhiteDay: many Koreans are coming here
STwhiteDay: yup
STwhiteDay: yuo
joe2: so is it many south korean players on here then?
joe2: right
STwhiteDay: and only 2 guys still at game
STwhiteDay: nearly 10
joe2: nice. how many in your group?
STwhiteDay: them
STwhiteDay: There is many humvees at this world and we have 2 of the,
joe2: small world lol
joe2: :O
STwhiteDay: yup
joe2: did you have a humvee in your base?
joe2: months ago, i logged on, got myself a pbx from near electro and went all the way up there. logged off and then kind of relogged ocasionally to gear up
STwhiteDay: Clan base or small teams base... like me
joe2: yeah, north of NEAF
STwhiteDay: you talking about Coast right?
STwhiteDay: the bay
joe2: clan base is it?
joe2: ah, funily enough i was there not too long ago. few bases near the bay but i havent seen anyone
STwhiteDay: no friendly at there
STwhiteDay: there isoutlaw place
joe2: been playing on the uk420 server a lot too this week, but its always crowded and it's a bit difficult to get by when lone wolfing
STwhiteDay: cool cool
joe2: yeah man
STwhiteDay: so u friendly?
STwhiteDay: oh u playing really just a few times
joe2: usually log on about twice a month or so, but ive got a load of free time recently so ive been on here more
joe2: either around this time, or on monday day times. admittedly i dont usually stay on for long, about an hour at most
STwhiteDay: u usually playing at this time huh?
joe2: fair enough. i've been playing on here on and off since summer last year, and you're the second person i've seen haha
STwhiteDay: South Korea
STwhiteDay: 0
joe2: what time? im in japan so i'm usually on from 1am jpt
STwhiteDay: You can see the 10 players if u play at proper timew
joe2: and the second person i've seen in the past 8 months of playing on here lol
joe2: wow this server is practically booming tonight, you're the second person who's logged on in the past two hours haha
joe2: hey man
STwhiteDay: hello mate
micha: 07
joe2: yeah man sure. take it easy o7
micha: hope to see you around again. let me know if you want to group up at some point, always open to team
joe2: no worries, see ya next time ;)
micha: im gonna head off, just wanted to log back in after restart to stash some stuff
micha: right that makes more sense
joe2: you wont find a whole sledgehammer, just the handle and head seperately, have to craft them together i think
micha: nothing on spawns or stashed away yet
micha: i must have terrible luck. i've been trying to get a sledgehammer but haven't yet. been trying to hunt down a heli but had no luck
joe2: just takes a long time to do
joe2: well sledgehammers are common loot so its kind of easy to knock walls down
micha: whether thats good or bad
micha: but means that its much easier for one group to hoard vehicles behind walls etc
joe2: yeah man, added interiors are great
micha: and base building is a welcome change
micha: yeah for sure. noticed they fleshed out way more buildings now
joe2: though there are a few changes to the mod
joe2: like riding a back man, all comes back quickly :P
micha: oh nice im only starting back this week. been trying to get set up again
joe2: never seen more than two people on here
joe2: this was the first server i joined and ive been playing on here on and off since jan 2017
joe2: yeah man i had a long hiatus. started playing again last year
micha: haven't played in years. good to be back online
joe2: wow. same hahah
micha: first player i've seen online in a long time
micha: howdy
micha: first person i've seen online in a long time