Isalina: tyvm again xD
Isalina: kk take care xD
Geoffry: Laters. Off for the night.
Isalina: xD kk :)
Geoffry: I am fully wheeled up thank you.
Isalina: still need a wheel Geoffry ?
Isalina: ehehhe
Geoffry: There's definately a picture forming.
Isalina: xD
Isalina: but yeah i will
Isalina: hehehe
Isalina: i'll trade mags for creme cakes xD
Geoffry: Creme cake that is.
Isalina: xD
Geoffry: LOL, I just found my first one ever.
Isalina: ehehehe i like the creme cakes xD abd a grape soda xD
Geoffry: Now that's a Dayz dinner: A Beer and a can of Pork. Yummy.
Isalina: *my
Isalina: sorry was away giving my english friend a taunting , mt bad :)
Geoffry: Me too really. I've been on and off for a while.
Dekar: you guys play in this server often? first time back after a few years
Isalina: brb again lol , and yeah ^^
Dekar: agreed, never beaten
Geoffry: Arma, often copied, never beaten.
Isalina: yep
Geoffry: really?
Dekar: this*
Dekar: tgus definetly runs better than the standalone version
Geoffry: *tops digging hole to bury body*
Isalina: xD
Dekar: ah good
Isalina: we are both friendly
Dekar: lol
Isalina: *puts her gun away* , oh nice xD
Dekar: yes friendly
Geoffry: Hey Deckar
Isalina: are you friendly ?
Dekar: hi
Isalina: hello Dekar
Isalina: P
Isalina: brb
Isalina: hehehe ikr ?
Geoffry: It's like the first thing you ever find but the last thing you'll ever use.
Isalina: wow if i was looking for crowbars this run id be sooo happy lol
Isalina: :(
Geoffry: Oh, it's still there OK. I landed it just fine but when I came back the engine and MR were toast.
Isalina: yeah ive had boats just vanish .. 400 slots ... just gone :(
Isalina: :(
Geoffry: Well it just glitched out into the roof of the hospital so i don't soppose it matters anymore... Sad Face.
Isalina: yeah i fueled my guilds heli's before it's a chore :(
Isalina: ehehhee
Geoffry: I've been spoilt by Arma3 and landing on the gas station roof.
Isalina: have more ppl help fill it :( unfortunately
Geoffry: Petrol
Geoffry: Don't suppose you know a way of fill helos with perol faster...
Isalina: yw xD
Geoffry: Nice, thanks.
Isalina: well if i find another it's yours xD
Isalina: and you get like 1-4 hrs of night , but its rare
Geoffry: Um... Nope, I think I'm good. Just need pne more tyre and I've got my fav vehicle.
Isalina: but it does bug out from time to time
Isalina: not on this server no
Geoffry: No night time?
Isalina: is there anything in the game you really want ?
Isalina: that means a great deal to me :) ty ty , i mean you dont need them here , but wow ty so very much
Isalina: you are most welcome , and awww *hugs* ty sooo very much xD
Isalina: im just on a scavange run for the guild xD , all this stuff is just extra's ...
Geoffry: All good. Thanks for the tyres. I left you my NVG in return.
Isalina: okies back sorry
Isalina: just help yourself to whatever you need xD ima brb quick afk
Isalina: okies done xD
Geoffry: Sure thing. I'm just gasing up.
Isalina: want me to stick a marker down ?
Isalina: xD
Isalina: and glass
Geoffry: KK
Isalina: i also have engine,scrap and fuel parts
Isalina: i'll be at Cherno after restart if you want them :)
Isalina: well im more than happy to give you the 2 i have xD
Geoffry: I gave up. There was a Landrover I wanted to fix but it needs 3 tyres.
Isalina: np at all , just found 2 :)
Geoffry: Na, I'm sorted now. Thanks for thinking of me but.
Isalina: still need wheels Geoffry ?
Chips: ganna ask the admin to replace it
Isalina: :(
Chips: well choppers fucked now
Isalina: wb :)
Chips: back
Geoffry: BRB
Isalina: brb afk a few , hehehe true :)
Chips: so i'm a bit concerned right now
Chips: they say good things come in 3
Isalina: noice
Geoffry: Nice
Chips: found some car withh no wheels and it had an acog scope inside
Chips: well fuck me
Chips: nah i stashed a tractor somewhere
Geoffry: Want to swap three for an almost pristine tractor?
Isalina: lol
Chips: i think 20 of em are stolen
Chips: i have like 30 odd
Geoffry: YUp. I didn't think about that did I.
Chips: welp u had your chance
Geoffry: Bugger. Could have used the tyres right about now.
Isalina: xD nice tyvm
Chips: now he has to walk >:)
Chips: blew it up
Isalina: its ok , i dont go north alone anymore
Geoffry: I'm good. Just swapped mine out for an SUV
Chips: so who wants the uaz?
Isalina: yeah i didnt even have a gun
Geoffry: Arse
Isalina: i was chuffed to find them , then got killed
Isalina: they were my only 2 pairs of nvgs
Geoffry: That was about an hour ago.
Isalina: ahh np , i dont care about the car
Geoffry: I picked up a beat up UAZ at NEA. There wern't any NVG in it but.
Isalina: yes
Chips: and a britchs pack?
Isalina: yes
Chips: 2 alice packs?
Chips: taki camo?
Isalina: well if you spot a camo uaz near or abouts NEA let me know thats the twat who shot me , i had 2 pairs of nvg's in the uaz
Chips: had nv googles
Chips: nvm it's a taki
Chips: just noticed they were gone and i see a yellow uaz near by
Chips: all good
Isalina: hummer and a huey last night
Chips: did u take anymore from it?
Isalina: yes
Chips: u remember the base we raidedd likke 2 weeks ago?
Chips: well takes a bit of ammo
Chips: i cant past 600m
Isalina: yes ..well z's
Chips: tryed shooting a moving target?
Chips: thats basics though
Isalina: i did do the shooting tutorial
Chips: i mean, if u miss all your shots...
Isalina: but either way at least im not unarmed next time someone tries to roll me
Chips: any ar is designed for cqc
Isalina: well i must mod that next time im at home
Isalina: oh ???
Chips: kobra
Isalina: i like the SA-58 RIS , but i dont think you can put a scope on it ?
Chips: 47 can have sd, pso, fl or g25
Chips: they both use the same ammo, and do the same damage
Isalina: so the 47 is better ?
Chips: 47 is aswell
Isalina: its very replaceable, and lots of ammo
Chips: more attachments
Chips: 47 would bbe better
Chips: it's alright
Isalina: i did pick a gun to carry around now , the AKS-74U
Isalina: okies back
Chips: fucking nbn
Isalina: ima brb need more coffee xD
Chips: 1300m if your flying
Chips: most ai dont shoot at anything past 600-800m
Isalina: yes very much :)
Chips: have my pointers helped?
Isalina: i did kill 2 ai's last night though
Isalina: ive played a lil on the SAW server .... and wow ,yeah i die alot lol
Chips: if u want u can join an arma oa server like a domination and fight against ai
Isalina: lol nah im still pretty crap lol
Chips: bit for a hide and seek?
Chips: want me too test you?
Isalina: yes i have been practicing xD
Chips: training*
Chips: doing combat raining or?
Isalina: i know xD
Chips: nca looks empty
Isalina: no , ive been on NCA mostly
Chips: raided any bases lina?
Chips: or wheeld choppers
Chips: little birds dont slide as much though
Isalina: lol yep
Chips: or allow enough room for slide and pray for dear life
Chips: it's goota e almost 100% flat or a curtain angle
Isalina: wows , yeah Simmo clipped a tree box the other day resulting in the Tigers demise :(
Geoffry: You frendly chips?
Geoffry: Because Arma
Chips: my tail rotor nearly hit the wall as it was sliding
Chips: fuck me
Isalina: hiya Chips xD
Geoffry: Hey Chips
Chips: sup
Isalina: oh nice xD me too :)
Geoffry: I'm friendly by the way Isalina
Isalina: bye Maven take care xD
Geoffry: Cya
Maven: I am going out now, so Cya mates
Isalina: hiya Geoffry
Isalina: its pretty cold here atm ...
Maven: Ahh...It's really hot summer in Korea
Geoffry: Hey there Isalina
Isalina: always cold and rainy
Maven: LOL
Isalina: well its always winter
Isalina: yes
Maven: Is there winter in AU?
Maven: Hey
Isalina: hiya Maven xD
Maven: so hot today,...
Maven: LOL
Maven: Oh, really?
Geoffry: Wow, a whole lot of new buildings too.
Maven: M24...
Maven: U need it when u fixing tools like axes, hammer, etc
Geoffry: What is duct tape good for on his server?
Geoffry: Nice
Maven: LOL
Geoffry: Tyre?
Maven: I got 10 DMR mags from heli crash
Maven: Bingo
Geoffry: KK
Maven: If u need help, feel free to say
Maven: And I have hero skin haha
Maven: I've never shoot ppl in this server, too
Geoffry: Yup
Maven: Ok, it means u are friendly
Geoffry: BTW, I only shoot Zombies.
Geoffry: Not much new then...
Maven: All u need is just tires
Maven: but I think it still have many vehicles in this server
Geoffry: Oh, nice
Maven: It has been few weeks after lag,
Maven: Yeah almost
Geoffry: All the new spawns?
Maven: This server got lagged recently, so it has massive amount of vehicles in this server
Maven: I love this game and this server
Maven: and just played 140 hours
Maven: I started this game 6 months ago
Geoffry: You?
Maven: Good
Maven: LOL
Geoffry: Kind of. Havent been on for ages but still got most of my gear
Maven: Are u new to this server?
Maven: Ay
Geoffry: Hey Maven
Maven: Hi